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Students Celebrate MRC Festival with Hands on Science

Students Celebrate MRC Festival with Hands on Science

On Friday, 21st of June, the Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) celebrated the annual MRC Festival by opening the Research Complex to Key Stage 3 school students (13 – 14 years old). 80 school students and their teachers from 6 secondary schools attended the event. 

Thanks to the Research Complex groups, colleagues at ISIS, and RCaH core staff, the students were offered some exciting activities and demonstrations including:

-    Growing crystals: An experiment to crystallize a protein
-    DNA extraction: How to extract DNA from strawberries
-    Molecular architecture: A game to discover how X-rays visualise the surface of materials
-    Interactive display of real time X-ray imaging
-    3D printing and 3D models of DNA
-    Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM: seeing the world at the micron scale
-    A tour of the ISIS Neutron & Muon Facility




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