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Connect Harwell Seminar: Cobham RAD Europe

Connect Harwell Seminar: Cobham RAD Europe

Connect Harwell Seminar: Cobham RAD Europe

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, Harwell Campus is continuing to provide valuable business support online, by hosting a number of 'virtual' Connect Harwell opportunities that are  available to organisations on campus and for some events, beyond.

On 7 July, Richard Sharp, Managing Director of Cobham RAD Europe, which is located at Harwell Campus, explored the fascinating topic of 'Space Radiation: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Nasty'. This hugely popular event was oversubscribed and during the interactive webinar Richard shared valuable insights into the affect of radiation on satellite electronics, providing organisations with an understanding of the risks to electronics in space and an awareness of techniques to mitigate harmful effects.

​You can view a recording of the webinar here. 

Richard concluded “Connect Harwell events are always great for networking between companies on campus and that is what we were looking forward to when this one was planned at the start of the year. Then the lockdown arrived. I was really impressed by the way in which the Harwell Management Office staff, and Abi Richings in particular, adapted to the new constraints by transferring the event on-line.

In fact, this virtual event format probably attracted even more attendees than we would normally have seen and I have received positive feedback from several people who joined on the day. Many thanks for an impeccably organised event and for keeping me fully informed from start to finish”.

Richard Sharp, Managing Director, Europe

Semiconductor and Space Solutions

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions