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Helpful tips to start or improve your fitness journey

Helpful tips to start or improve your fitness journey

Tom has given some tips and advice for everyone, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or looking to make some improvements. He also gives an overview of some of the classes you can take part in and the discount they offer to Harwell Campus employees. 

“What tips would you give to someone who is at the beginning of their fitness journey?”

“The first thing I would suggest is to keep things ridiculously simple. If you want to try and exercise 3 times a week, start with one or two times a week. Secondly, do something fun. It is so important to do something you enjoy, because if you enjoy it you will want to do it 3 times a week, and it will become a habit.”

“Now, for people that may be really into their fitness and may have run the Harwell half or other half marathons, is there any advice you can give people to improve further?”

“If you are someone that exercises regularly, you need to challenge yourself. Set goals, can you challenge yourself to do more reps, to run faster or to set a personal best. The danger you can fall into if you are a regular exerciser is to become complacent, this means you will stop progressing.

“Is there a benefit to getting yourself a personal trainer, someone who may push you that little bit further?”

“Someone else will always push you further than you will push yourself. Our style of training is where you don’t train on your own, you train in a group or with a coach. The coaches make sure you are always just a little bit outside of that comfort zone, which is where the magic happens.”

“What is your favourite class that you offer?”

“I’m going to cheat slightly; I actually have two favourite classes. One is playing to my strengths, it’s called MST (Modified Strongperson Training). It is based on worlds strongest man, so the gym kit equivalent of tractor tyres and sledgehammers, its essentially fun strength training.

“wow” I said, “that sounds like amazing fun”

Tom continues “and anyone can do it, even if you’ve never done strength training before. The other thing I love to hate is a class called metcon. This is high intensity core and cardio training, and it’s the stuff I personally need to work on. Even though I’ve been a personal trainer for 15 years, it’s the stuff I would never do on my own, so when someone else is putting me through it, it’s great.”

“For anyone who is interested in joining, what are the next steps?”

“I would recommend speaking to our membership manager, Holly. You can contact her on She will talk you though your goals and shcedule a telephone consultation with one of our coaches. The next step is a free trial, you can try as many classes as you like for 7 days, starting with an induction and a physical consultation with a trainer. We then create a personal ‘menu’ of classes for the individual depending on their goals."

"Harwell Campus employees can also get £10 off their membership”. 

You can take a look at their website to find out more