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Taster Tai Chi Qigong for Mental Health & Wellbeing

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An opportunity for you to experience this beautiful practice of mindful movement; a moving meditation for the modern world.

Support your mental health and physical wellbeing during your working day by participating in our taster sessions on: Monday, 22nd February & Monday, 1st March 2021 from 12:15pm til 1pm.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Tai Chi Qigong uses gentle, flowing movements that simply follow the wave of the breath to encourage a shift out of stress and into calm. It is a nurturing practice keeping us centred and yet energised whilst helping to unravel those knots of tension that arise during the working day. It can be done standing or seated without the need of a change of clothing; simply come as you are!

The underlying principles of the practice are somewhat similar to yoga, but the practice itself has many differences, not least its simplicity and ease of accessibility for all. It's a great complement to any other sport or simply used as a stand-alone activity, so come along and see if its for you!



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