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Free One-Hour Consultation to Improve your PR and Content

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• Are people struggling to understand what your business does? • Are you drowning in complexity and jargon? • Is your audience ‘tuning out’ from your communications? What’s the Story? PR creates ‘killer content’ for organisations in corporate, academic, and scientific industries. We bring clarity to geeky, nerdy, and technical businesses which are so complex, it makes your brain hurt. We are offering a free one-hour consultation to any business on the Harwell Campus, to discuss ideas for improving PR and Content.

What's the Story? brings the 'So What? factor' to your PR and copy writing.

Founder Susie Carter is an ex journalist and former Head of Marketing for a £67m SaaS company.

She'll create the ‘killer content’ you need to make an impact – the very best case studies, blogs, opinion pieces, web pages, and anything else in the written word. She will explain what you do, how you add value or solve customers’ problems, and why the world needs to know about it. 

Susie’s ability to communicate complex topics in a simple but appropriate way has led to repeat business and referrals from several departments of the University of Oxford, including Social Sciences, Policy and Engagement, and Saïd Business School. She is also a retained writer for Sage – responsible for writing a series of articles about the UK manufacturing industry.

Susie lives in Oxford, and feels privileged to be part of such an exciting business scene.




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