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Battery Process Engineer

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Addionics is looking for a battery manufacturing engineer to work on in-house slurry preparation and coating of 3D electrodes for Li-ion batteries. This work will be carried out within the facilities located in London and will also involve collaborations with third parties. This position is practical and hands-on without the possibility for hybrid or remote working.

Main Duties and responsibilities:


  • Appraisal, purchasing and commissioning of mixing and coating equipment
  • Day to day operation and maintenance of the equipment
  • Design and execution of innovative projects around slurry preparation and coating
  • Development of robust coating for 3D current collectors
  • Development of robust formulation of inks for electrode coating
  • Carrying out rheological assessment and studies of inks 
  • Optimisation of electrode coatings for end-user applications
  • Keeping accurate records of all undertaken work and results
  • Troubleshooting fabrication process issues
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant working and safety standards
  • Contribute to generation of new company’s intellectual property and know-how


Experience and qualifications:


  • BSc, MSc or PhD in Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science or similar 
  • 2+ years of industrial experience in coating of electrodes and substrates from any high tech sector (solar, fuel cells, semiconductors, batteries and others)
  • High level of technical expertise in mixing, slurry fabrication and rheology
  • In-depth experience of working with rheometers 
  • In depth knowledge of slurry preparation and coating
  • Ability to solve practical problems and work independently
  • Ability to execute systematic studies, to analyse data and implement the conclusions
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills


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