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Facilities Manager

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We have a brand-new role for an experienced Facilities Manager with extensive operational delivery of scientific laboratory and high-performance computing delivered through a mix of in-house and partner services coupled with technical expertise in a relevant discipline to support the delivery of the NQCC core objectives.

 Initial responsibilities will include the design and delivery of operational procedures to ensure safe and secure operation of the Centre both through the design, construction, commissioning phase and transition phase to operational delivery with high availability and stakeholder satisfaction. Longer-term responsibilities will be to maintain core services and minimise downtime.

  • Design and manage the overall services provided within the facility
  • Use best practices to manage operational costs and value for money
  • Assist with the organisation of maintenance contracts for core equipment/plant within the facility
  • Ensure high levels of operational uptime are delivered through proactive management, maintenance and backup of utilities and facility services
  • Liaise appropriately with departments and groups when core equipment or services fail and ensure that they are appraised of progress and events; organise replacement equipment and services to minimise downtime
  • Assist the departments and groups to ensure the adequate and suitable provision of liquid nitrogen and gases whether piped, cylinder or cryogenic, within clear safety guidelines and operating procedures
  • Create and manage operating budgets for facility management and maintenance
  • Manage the maintenance of the building by performing repairs or contracting maintenance services
  • Track and maintain asset records, usage, and maintenance
  • Track building upkeep as well as anticipated long- and short-term improvements and maintenance
  • Create a suitable environment for the purpose and needs of the facility and support facility user training
  • Keep the surrounding grounds, terrace and recreation spaces properly cared for and landscaped
  • Work in tandem with the Security Officer to ensure facility security including the operation of alarms and access control systems, and the CCTV coverage of the managed premises
  • Work in tandem with the Safety Officer to ensure safe working practices and staff well-being at all times
  • Respond to facility emergency situations, urgent issues and ensure an adequate out-of-hours response
  • Drive Continuous Improvement within the Centre.