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Research Software Engineer - Swarm Optimisation for Magnetic Systems

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The Rosalind Franklin Institute is a new national Research Centre, funded by the UK government through UK Research and Innovation, dedicated to bringing about transformative changes in life science through interdisciplinary research and technology. As Research Software Engineer - Swarm Optimisation for Magnetic Systems you will be responsible for the maintenance and further development of the Opt-ID Software (https://github.com/DiamondLightSource/Opt-ID)

The Rosalind Franklin Institute is currently expanding and looking to recruit a Research Software Engineers (RSE) as part of its Artificial Intelligence theme, specifically to work on an Ada Lovelace Centre funded project in partnership with Diamond Light Source, dealing with the Optimisation of Synchrotron Insertion Devices. As a modern 3rd generation Light source, the brilliance of the light produced by Diamond Light Sources ID’s is paramount to the quality and quantity of science that is produced. The brilliance of the light is directly related to the magnetic field which is produced inside an insertion device by combining hundreds of magnet blocks. Unfortunately, each of these magnet blocks has unavoidable manufacturing errors, and combining them without accounting for these minor flaws, fails to reach the exacting tolerances required. Currently Diamond addresses this complex problem using a piece of software called Opt-ID

This project aims to look to have to improve these methods by understanding the underlying swarm optimisation methods employed (in this case Artificial Immune Systems) to derive knowledge of the system and produce the best optimisation of a real system, with the inherent complexities that brings. It also aims to address usability issues by increasing the overall sustainability and usability of the project for the end users.

We are currently looking for an experienced Research Software Engineer – Swarm Optimisation for Magnetic Systems with excellent skills in the following areas.

• Research Software engineering principles (revision control, testing, continuous integration, deployment)

• Global optimisation methodologies (I.e. Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Optimisation, Artificial Immune Systems)

• Numerical Python (Numpy, scipy, matplotlib)



The main responsibilities of this role will include:

• Develop and maintain the Opt-ID software as a high quality software tool.

• Collaborate with research teams at Diamond to understand the shortcomings of the current system and use your expertise to develop new methods to address them.

• Accelerate the existing software with possible, possibly with the use of Accelerator cards such as GPGPU’s.

• Attend scientific seminars and meetings to keep up to date with developments in software and methodology.

• Disseminate results through writing papers and presenting at scientific meetings.

• Contribute to the public engagement in science programme of the Franklin.


Selection criteria


• A PhD (or close to completion) or equivalent in a relevant field.

• Practical experience of applying software engineering and computer science principles to scientific problems.

• Practical experience of Global Optimisation

• Practical experience of Python and its best practices

• Ability to co-ordinate multiple aspects of work in order to meet deadlines.

• Ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.

• Ability to solve problems using innovative and flexible thinking.

• Excellent organisational and communication skills.



• Experience of software development and deployment.

• Experience of working in an industry setting.

• Experience of Systems Administration for Linux, Windows or Mac

• Project management experience

• Experience with accelerator card programming, such as GPGPU’s of FPGA’s

• Experience of HPC Software development and application.

Closing date: 14th February 2020, 12:00pm


Area: Scientific

Location: Harwell

Type of Post: Full Time

Period of appointment: Permanent

Salary: £36,000 - £43,000

Closing Date: 14/02/2020 12:00pm

Ref No: 10055


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