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Thermal Mechanical Engineer

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Specific job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Design of opto-mechanical assemblies, high precision actuation mechanisms, payload enclosures for space and airborne environments.
- Performing analysis (mechanical-structural, thermal) to inform design and support verification of requirements to be presented in analysis reports.
- Clear and concise technical presentation of work to the team and mentoring/teaching of junior staff.
- Planning, completing and documenting validation and qualification testing of new designs.
- Design and manufacturing of test equipment, working closely with AIT personnel.
- Participating in document preparation and design reviews throughout each phase of payload development.

Interested applicants may also consider starting first as a fixed-term consultant while rolling into a permanent role, which we would willingly support depending on your ability to deliver, innovate and lead. We are a small company who like to do big impactful things and we are seeking someone who shares that mindset.


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