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Junior Dev Ops Engineer

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We are looking for a full-time Junior Dev Ops (Development Operations) Engineer to join our IT team on a permanent basis, providing operational support mainly to our backend development team, but also the Front-end and R&D teams as and when required. The Junior Dev Ops Engineer will work in the Back-end team, under the supervision of and liaising closely with the Lead Back-end Software Engineer and the IT Manager.

Candidates should have a sound working knowledge of and experience (commercial or academic) with Python (Python scripting, runtime environments and the pip package manager), Git, at least one Linux shell (Bash preferred) and shell scripting, and key Linux command line tools and services. Some knowledge of the Linux kernel and OS architecture will be appreciated, but not essential. In terms of dev. ops. technologies, candidates should have some experience with at least one cloud service (Azure Compute and/or Blob, AWS EC2 and/or S3), and at least one continuous integration (CI) technology (Jenkins, Travis, Circle, Azure Pipelines).

Candidates should enjoy debugging, troubleshooting and solving technical problems, and have an interest in developing their knowledge and experience of the various dev. ops. technologies they will be working with. Support, mentoring and training will be provided.

All candidates will be evaluated fairly, on their merits and suitability for the role.

Main Responsibilities:

· Actively supporting the Back-end team with the configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of core backend infrastructure, under the supervision of and liaising closely with the Lead Back-end Software Engineer and the IT Manager;
· Supporting the Front-end and R&D teams as and when necessary;
· Keeping up to date with and learning emerging technologies of relevance or interest.

Skills & Experience:


A sound working knowledge of:

• Python - Python scripting, runtime environments and command line tools (pip and virtualenv);
• Git - we are looking for someone who is comfortable with all the most commonly used Git operations (init, add, status, commit, log, branch, checkout, remote, push, pull, fetch, merge, stash);
• Linux - Linux shells and shell scripting (Bash preferred), and key command line tools and services; bonus points for some understanding of the Linux kernel, services and OS architecture.

Also required is some experience with:
• at least one cloud service (Azure, AWS);
• at least CI technology (Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, Travis, Circle).

These requirements can be met either via relevant commercial experience or academic.

Candidates should enjoy analyzing and solving problems, plan and manage their own time and work effectively and efficiently, adapt to change, work as part of a team and be eligible to live and work in the UK.

Nice to have

Although not mandatory, we value candidates that possess or have experience with any of the following:

• Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other STEM subjects;
• Flask or Django web service frameworks;
• Docker containers;
• Ansible, Chef, Puppet;
• Apache 2, NGINX;
• Big data models and file formats, such as NetCDF4, HDF5;
• In-memory databases, such as Redis;
• Python testing tools and frameworks, e.g. Tox, Pytest, Coverage, Hypothesis;
• Sphinx or other Python documentation tools.


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