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Beamline Scientist, SAXS (B21)

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We are looking for a beamline scientist to join the high-throughput, solution small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) beamline B21. B21 is optimised to measure high quality SAXS data from solution samples and particularly biological macromolecules that are delivered to the beamline via a liquid handling platform, via an inline HPLC chromatography system or manually in capillaries or custom holders for solid samples.

The beamline is under continuous development and particularly in the areas of: increasing throughput via robotics and automation, improving logistics to support mail-in and remote use, upgrading the beamline optics to increase sensitivity and adding new capabilities and ancillary measurements to increase the impact of the measured SAXS data.

The successful candidate will join a small and highly motivated team and contribute to running the user program, developing and maintaining the beamline, collaborative research and building their own scientific research program.

The successful candidate will be part of a world-class facility working closely with internal staff and external scientists and will be able to communicate with teams of technicians, engineers and software support. A hands-on attitude and a flexible approach are very important to be able to cope with the dynamics of the task. You will be actively working at the beamline, although some office work is required at times.


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