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(Senior) Support Scientist

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B18 – Core XAS is a general purpose, high throughput beamline dedicated to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at Diamond. B18 is installed on a bending magnet section, is equipped with a continuously scanning monochromator and optical elements to provide focused X-rays in the energy range 2.05-35 keV, to cover the K and/or L edges of most elements. B18 supports a multidisciplinary user community and in-house research, with most common applications in the chemistry, catalysis, energy materials and the environmental sciences areas.

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated support scientist to join the interdisciplinary beamline team. The post involves designing, commissioning, and testing components of the beamline, including sample environments and data analysis methods, helping users with their experiments, maintaining the beamline during operations and participating to the management of the peripheral laboratories. Candidates will have an appropriate degree/experience in an area relevant to the beamline research themes, experience in XAS data analysis, synchrotron radiation instrumentation and data collection.


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