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Graduate Software Engineer

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Graduate Software Engineer

You will work in a research focussed environment alongside world leading scientists and professional engineers addressing technically challenging problems for the good of mankind. To help you get started in your career, in this exciting and challenging environment, we offer a two-year-long development programme in software technologies, development methodologies, and personal growth. During this you will gain hands-on experience and exposure to a wide range of cutting edge technologies. Including:-
•Big Data Technologies
•High Performance Data Acquisition
•Scientific Data Analysis
•Data Science
•Machine Learning
•Data Visualisation
•Augmented and Virtual Reality
•Web Services
•Distributed Controls Systems
•Robotics, Remote Control and Automation

On completion, you will be contributing to the science and research carried out at Diamond.

You will be passionate about science or engineering, and have a strong understanding and interest in software and computing technologies. You will have a good honours degree in Computer Science or a STEM subject.



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