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XChem Beamline Scientist

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The world-first XChem facility at Diamond has since 2015 been offering routine and fast crystal-based fragment screening to academia and industry: it has to date enabled over 120 drug discovery experiments involving over 130,000 crystals.

To ensure Diamond can continue to meet demand and ensure long-term sustainability and development of the facility, we are recruiting a Beamline Scientist into the XChem team, to support academic and industrial users with experiments and service work, develop new fragment-related methodologies, and help expand the XChem offering beyond hit identification.

The nature of the role requires graduate or postdoctoral experience in crystallography and crystallization, but additionally someone highly organised and with the natural authority necessary to assist users productively. First-hand experience in crystallographic fragment screening and compound development is highly desirable.



To collaborate with the Principal Beamline Scientist for the commissioning and operation of the beamline. Work closely with other scientists and support groups within Diamond to ensure smooth operation of the beamline providing beam time to the scientific user community.


1.     Provide operational support for the beamline, including responsibility for the day-to-day safe operation of the beamline, interact closely with the users of the facility.

2.     Act as a single point of contact (Local Contact) for a proportion of user experiments providing specialist technical/scientific advice.

3.     Collaborate on beamline upgrades and development projects, including taking specific responsibility for certain components of the beamline such as the design, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning phases.

4.     Manage the day-to-day coordination of support groups at Diamond to implement beamline upgrade projects, to improve the quality of the beamline, develop solutions for emerging problems, and ensure its smooth operation.

5.     Develop own research in an area relevant to the beamline and disseminate the results.

6.     Procurement of beamline components, including writing system specifications, the management of contracts and liaison with suppliers.

7.     Manage the development, procurement, testing, installation, and maintenance of bespoke scientific equipment and software to perform novel experiments on the beamline and the peripheral laboratory.

8.     Advise on the development of data acquisition, visualization and analysis software and be involved in commissioning of new software.

9.     Give advice to users on proposal submissions and help develop the user community.

10. Actively participate in beamline reviews including preparation of documentation, contributing to identify areas for improvement.

11. When required perform duties for the wider organisation: e.g. membership of interview panels, committees or working groups.

12. Promote Diamond externally; including for example public outreach activity and engaging with the scientific community. 

13.Assist in the long-term development of the beamline in specific area of expertise.


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