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Post Doctoral Research Associate - I24

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The Microfocus Macromolecular Crystallography beamline I24 provides a versatile tool for life science; offering high flux, small beamsize, and flexible sample environment it is well suited to tackling challenging problems in structural biology. I24 offers a range of techniques from conventional pin-based and in situ experiments, to serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX). SSX is a rapidly evolving field in which I24 is a world leader having established its use at Diamond and played a leading role in several XFEL-based experiments.

We are looking to recruit a highly motivated and experienced crystallographer at the Post-Doctoral Research Associate level to build on recent exciting results in the field of serial crystallography. This will encompass several areas of the experiment from preparation of samples (from expression to crystallisation) to data collection and analysis. A key emerging area of interest is dynamic crystallography and the post holder will develop methods for driving and tracking reactions in crystals using new facilities such as the portable laser system PORTO at Diamond.

The successful candidate will develop methods and software related to the measurement and analysis of crystallographic data for MX with a particular emphasis on microcrystallography, serial crystallography and new modes of sample delivery. Provide technical and scientific support to the operational MX beamlines and user programme to ensure effective use of Diamond facilities by all users. Assist in developing I24 and other MX beamline capabilities in collaboration with MX staff. You will be expected to interact with the beamline and users in areas relevant to his/her projects and will exploit, and contribute to the development of, the state of the art beamline technology available at I24.


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