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Tech lead - Back-end development - AI startup

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Archangel Imaging is a startup developing distributed intelligence and advanced unmanned camera systems. We have worked on World Record projects and have developed unique machine vision payloads including edge AI devices featured at BT Augmented Intelligence 2018 (winner), Dubai’s Robotics for Good award in 2017 (finalist) and at Innovate 2017 exhibition.

Our mission is to help organisations gain and manage easily machine vision capability on edge devices deployed in remote areas, such as in automated search and rescue operations, sea crime monitoring and environmental protection missions. Our products combine cutting-edge machine learning with specialist cameras, advanced communication terminals and different levels of swarm intelligence to meet this challenge.

We are looking for a proactive, detail-oriented back-end and middleware engineer to lead and grow our team of developers in delivering services for SaaS applications (web apps and iOS/Android apps). You will manage our back-end/middleware development team and contribute heavily to the architecture, design and development to produce novel applications that manage AI-enabled devices. This is a chance to join a fast moving startup at a time when you can strongly influence the design decisions, technology selection and talent recruitment.

*Architect the back-end and middleware solutions for our web apps, iOS and Android apps that interact with remote embedded devices.
*Interact with the other development teams to ensure a complete system design.
*Design and develop key components
*Recruit to grow the back-end development team
*Manage the development team to deliver quality outputs, following agile methodologies.
*Mentor, coach and develop the team
*Interested applicants may also join first as a fixed-term consultant although we prefer to find a good permanent match.

*Customer / user engagement experience
*Back-end and middleware system design experience
*Multi-platform architecture / design experience
*Scalable IoT solutions experience
*SaaS / B2B / Multi-customer development and deployment experience
*Rapid / iterative development skills
*Full-stack design and development experience
*Significant experience with multiple modern technology stacks such as Node, GO, Express, MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL, MQTT, Kafka, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes, Message Brokers, etc.
*Security essentials, session management, etc.
*Experience with multiple modern full-stack technology stacks such as MEAN, MERN, React, Vue, Angular
Team lead experience
*Familiarity with Devops, TDD, BDD, CI, CD etc.
*Experience with cloud deployment, network diagnostics and data analytics

*LoRa, Wi-Fi, Iridium, 3G, 4G experience
*Early stage startup experience preferred
*Embedded software experience beneficial


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