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Senior FEA Analyst / FEA Analyst

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Diamond Light source uses X rays to carry out ground breaking research. Often the X rays need to be focussed to a small spot using mirrors and one particular wavelength of X ray selected by using crystals and gratings. There is significant energy in the X-ray beam and this energy heats the mirrors and crystals creating unacceptable distortion. Cooling using water and liquid nitrogen is required. Sounds easy but even the smallest amounts of distortion create significant changes to the focal spot shape and uniformity of the beam. There is continued need to improve our opto mechanics and to do this we need to perform Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS software. To meet the future needs of Diamond and investigate the implications of Diamond operating at higher energies we need to carry more FEA analysis than existing team can manage.

We are therefore looking for a FEA analyst to come and join our team of Engineers. You do not need to be knowledgeable about synchrotrons or X rays but we are looking for someone who has a background in Finite Element Analysis and a good understanding of thermos mechanics and can help build up our teams expertise.

This is a full time position but a part time or reduced hours position could be considered.


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