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(Senior) Magnet Engineer/Physicist

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Diamond Light Source is the national synchrotron facility serving the UK and international academic and industrial scientific communities and its pioneering capabilities are helping to keep the UK at the forefront of scientific research.

At the heart of the Diamond facility, electrons are accelerated through a chain of three accelerators to produce extremely bright X-rays for use by scientists in 33 independent experimental stations.

Diamond is planning a major upgrade of the facility in the coming decade, which will replace the current electron storage ring with an even more brilliant light source at a higher energy. We are seeking magnet engineers/physicists or senior magnet engineers/physicists to design, procure and test the many different types of magnets (electromagnets, permanent magnets and pulsed magnets) that will be needed. If you have experience in the field of magnet design, construction and testing, preferably of accelerator magnets, then we want to hear from you.

Responsibilities to include:
• Carry out 2D and 3D magnetic designs of high quality accelerator magnets, covering the full range of d.c., a.c. and pulsed magnets, both permanent magnet and electromagnet, using sophisticated commercially available software;
• Creating detailed magnetic/mechanical/electrical procurement specifications;
• Supervising procurement contracts for the supply of magnets;
• Set-up, operate and maintain high precision magnetic measurement systems;
• Undertake magnetic measurement of accelerator magnets and analysis of data to assess field quality;
• Keeping abreast of worldwide developments in magnet technology.


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