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Senior Laser Support Scientist (Maternity Cover)

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We require a self-motivated candidate to work as a senior support scientist on laser projects supporting research at Diamond Light Source. The science is related to structural and electronic changes that occur on timescales of femtoseconds to microseconds and are vital to the performance of a wide range of dynamic systems, including optoelectronics, catalysis, ultrafast phase transitions and biological function.

The major role is for supporting and operating infra-red lasers (QCL) and a high rep-rate femtosecond laser which will be housed in the Research Complex next to Diamond. The role will require supporting preliminary experiments which then will be moved to a Diamond beamline for a specific pump-probe and time resolved measurements. The work will involve working across a number of different beamlines with user groups, the staff of the Central Laser Facility, and with different beamline teams and other staff at Diamond to ensure laser support and instrument developments. A further major part of the role will be spent, maintaining and operating a similar suite of infra-red and THz femtosecond Coherent lasers in the I06 laser cabin. This is a 1-year maternity cover position and requires someone with laser (and ideally) THz and X-ray experience and expertise.


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