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Post Doctoral Reseach Associate, Beamline I15-1

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The XPDF (I15-1) Beamline at Diamond Light Source is the first dedicated X-ray Pair-Distribution-Function instrument of its kind in Europe. This new beamline has recently started performing user experiments to study the local structure of materials from a vast range of scientific fields such as catalysis, energy materials, and pharmaceuticals.
We are seeking a PDRA with strong research interests in local structure analysis with the emphasis on in-situ studies at non-ambient conditions, e.g. gas pressure, flowing liquid or increased temperature range. Suitable candidates should be familiar with the applications of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and preference will be given to those with hands-on experience of using or developing in-situ sample environments. It is expected that the successful candidate will establish in-house and external collaborations to increase the range of scientific applications which can be studied on the beamline. The post will be for three years.


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