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Connect Harwell Seminar: How Lasers Bring Democracy to Space Radiation Test

May 11
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Join us for a unique online seminar opportunity ideal for making connections in an informal environment.

Join Harwell based, Radtest Ltd and the Connect Harwell team to explore how lasers bring democracy to space radiation testing during an interactive, virtual one hour seminar which will:

  • outline the major radiation concerns for small satellite missions
  • describe the pulsed laser technique
  • give examples of the results that can be obtained

Many small satellites and virtually all CubeSats have no radiation testing done as it is perceived as expensive and taking a long time. This means that the mission team is gambling that the satellite will not suffer a critical latch-up or other life limiting radiation-induced failure. Using a pulsed laser to measure single-event effect sensitivity is much cheaper and quicker than a cyclotron. The technique can help rule out major vulnerabilities and provide a level of radiation hardness assurance normally associated with big budget missions.

During the event, there will also be a Q&A and networking opportunities to engage with the business experts and fellow delegates via the webinar chat facilities.

This is an open-to-all event, so feel free to pass this invitation on to any colleagues or contacts you think would benefit from the session.

The purpose of the Seminars is to share expertise around a key topic during regular, hour-long, value-added events for Harwell Campus organisations and Greater Oxfordshire. Delegates will increase their knowledge and interact with experts in areas including marketing, networking, negotiating, legal, access to finance, data protection, accounting and more.

Connect Harwell Seminar: How Lasers Bring Democracy to Space Radiation Test Poster