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Cascading Towards New Biocatalytic Methodology

May 18
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Assoc. Prof. Elaine O'Reilly will give a webinar on biocatalytic cascade methodology.

Catalytically reversible reactions, including alkene metathesis and transfer hydrogenation, have had an enormous impact on the development of synthetic strategies for the synthesis of bioactive compounds and important materials. However, the vast majority of chemically catalysed processes are non-reversible. In contrast, many enzyme-catalysed processes are freely reversible and displacing the reaction equilibrium towards product formation is often achieved (both in Nature and synthetically) by performing cascade reactions, where the product of one biocatalytic step becomes the substrate/reactant for the next transformation. The reversible nature of enzymes means that they can be exploited for mediating reactions in either the forward or reverse direction, and this adds a significant level of flexibility to the development of (chemo)enzymatic routes.

In this talk, I will present some of our recent efforts in biocatalytic cascade methodology and show how this work has inspired us to explore new territories in the area of ‘shuttle catalysis’.