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Training: 'Role of Data Protection Officer / Lead'

Mar 10
Book Event

In certain circumstances, organisations (whether they are Data Processors or Data Controllers) must appoint a Data Protection Officer ('DPO'). Where a DPO is not mandated, an organisation should identify a Data Protection Lead who will take on the responsibility for ensuring their organisation complies the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

This course will cover the role and duties of a DPO in a practical context and provide delegates with the information they need to become more effective and efficient in their role. Specifically, the course will cover:

  • the circumstances in which a DPO needs to be appointed
  • the knowledge, qualifications and qualities need to fulfil DPO tasks
  • the duties of a DPO
  • the tasks/duties that could result in a conflict of interest
  • the relationship between the DPO and senior management/board of directors
  • raising the profile of data protection with employees
  • communicating with data protection regulators
  • when a data protection impact assessment is requirement
  • the requirement for the DPO to be 'independent'
  • why it is important for the DPO to be approachable
  • the organisation's responsibility to support the DPO by providing necessary resources
  • the organisation's obligation's to involve the DPO in key decisions

The course is 2.5hrs in length, we have built in time for questions to ensure that the session is interactive. There will also be a short 10 minute intermission in order for delegates to stretch and refresh their tea/coffee.

We have also included a number of short survey questions to ensure that all delegates are picking up the salient points from the course material.

Upon completion of the course all delegates will be issued with a certificate of attendance.

Training: 'Role of Data Protection Officer / Lead'  Poster


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