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Accessing Space: Call for Panellists!

Jan 05

Space Store’s online series ‘Accessing Space’ celebrates contributions, stories and achievements of prominent people, across many different ethnicities, backgrounds and minority groups in the Space Sector through live panel events. Our goal is to discuss how we can collectively use Space to empower, embolden and inspire people from diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

December 2020 saw the launch of our first Episode ‘How Black Lives Impact Space Exploration’ where we focused on stories told by incredible black people who have contributed to the quest for space exploration in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Fascinating panellists, Emmanuell Murray, Sharon Caples-McDougle, Justin McNeill and Lucy Njuguna, discussed their own inspirations, passions and experiences, giving insight, learnings and advice on being successful in the search for the next generation of space explorers.

Moving forward into 2021, we are putting the spotlight on areas such as Women in Space, LGBQT+ communities within the Space Sector and Broadening Horizons, where we’ll focus on folk who have emerged from challenging backgrounds, experiencing perhaps disability or neurodiversity, with an aim to inspire those who may not yet consider the space sector within their own career path. All via live panel events broadcasted on YouTube channel Space Store Live! throughout the year.

If you would like to nominate someone you feel has a story or experiences to share, or would like to be involved in one of these panel events yourself, we would love to hear from you!

Drop a line to and we’d be more than happy to discuss further what’s involved and the opportunities available. Be part of something special with Space Store this year.