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Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Lecture

Sep 26

Thursday 26th September 2019 in the R22 Lecture Theatre at 15:00 Dr David Boldrin and Prof Lesley Cohen of Imperial College will present New Caloric Materials for Energy Efficient Refrigeration Refreshments available from 14:30

Cooling is a huge financial and environmental burden and more energy-efficient technologies are required if we are to respond to the warming planet. Caloric cooling has the potential to provide a 20% increase in efficiency; barocalorics in particular are under-developed, yet do not require expensive parts to operate and have increased resistance to failure. Here I will set out the basic ideas underlying caloric cooling and discuss our recent exploration of a new family of barocaloric materials, manganese nitride antiperovskites, Mn3AN (A = Ni, Sn, Ga, Zn....), which display giant barocaloric effects. Our results demonstrate that their chemical flexibility allows tuning of their properties to room temperature applications whilst simultaneously providing unexpected boosts to their barocaloric performance. These findings suggest that further significant improvements to their performance are yet possible. Moreover, I will touch on their applications within other fields, such as spintronics.

Event Contact: Debbie Loader


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